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    The most excellent heroes have arrived! 🤘🎸 Bill & Ted are back to save the universe. Don’t miss Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter in Bill & Ted Face the Music, On Demand and in theaters 8/28.

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    1. Archangel Revelations

      This was a fantastic movie. I love the whole trilogy. Kudos to the whole cast and crew.

    2. Martin_Brody

      The original has 81% rotten tomatoes and so does this one, It could possibly be good

    3. The Crack Cellar

      How Excellent can a sequel be without the heavy metal that made Bogus Journey? The Pop Revolution begins in The Crack Cellar's Review of Bill & Ted Face the Music -

    4. Zone Friend

      🎬Bill & ted face the music 🎬 ᴅᴏᴡɴʟᴏᴀᴅ ɴᴏᴡ ➤➽ ♔♔-FULL HD-TOUS LES SOUS-TITRES, MEILLEUR AUDIO-♔♔♔ 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Њихово здравље одговарајуће их спречавају да се превише приближи

    5. neowolf09

      Wait so... today?

    6. bodhi trent feilds

      Sure that's not jerry trainor?

    7. Dallas Time Bandits

      Eeeww keanu is 💫 starting to get house wives of beverly hills face

    8. Seventh Seal

      Keanu looks like he didnt like making this movie.

    9. MF Lance

      It's just to late for this

    10. Dick Long

      It looks new not bad I like the trailer and the direction they went with the aging stars

    11. Six String Jedi

      Are they bringing back So-crates? Seriously though, what was Keanu thinking? I can understand why Alex Winter would want to come back, he could use a big paycheck. But Keanu? He doesn't need the money. The only thing good about Bogus Journey was William Sadler as the Grim Reaper, And the soundtrack. I don't see Face the Music being much better, especially now that Bill & Ted are 30 years older. If they don't say "dude" every 5 seconds, maybe.

    12. Mokel Entertainment

      I thought the guys with the long hair was Spencer from icarly...

    13. Tom Starks

      I dont care if its a horrible move iam still going to see it. Long wait since the 2nd movie..way to long..

    14. mister troll

      This movie is the movie that will bring us tofether baby lets go.

    15. justin tabernacki

      Wish they would hire me

    16. Adrien Jeanlouis

      I can't wait

    17. Vytautas Ramanauskas

      Keanu Reeves in comedy oh my god

    18. zogar916

      How weird would 0:33 look without edits

    19. White Thunderclap

      Weren’t their kids Little Bill and Little Ted?

      1. Trevor Tuominen

        Christopher Manley They were boys in the first couple of drafts but they felt too much like retreads of their dads.

      2. Christopher Manley

        the magic of handwavium

      3. Trevor Tuominen

        They used girls for that scene. And the daughters go by Bill and Ted.

    20. Kevin R

      Those suits almost make them look like the two guys from "A night at the Roxbury"

    21. Nina Vo

      Feels weird watching actors who aged well pretending to be young

    22. Wayne Clark

      So stupid no new ideas from Hollywood

      1. Fentanel Floyd

        Sequels are better than remakes

    23. alex cab

      I can't wait for this movie

      1. alex cab

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    24. Comrade Dyatlov


    25. Lex Talionis

      They sure look old and forced not really their style anymore imo they have outgrown their characters, plus John wick

      1. Fentanel Floyd

        How old were you when the original came out?

    26. Myles Holmes

    27. S C

      They have definitely captured the cheesy yet amazing late 80s early 90s style. Day before my birthday its being released as well as new mutants, one of my main favorite comics growing up. Already have tickets for tuesday.

    28. Cathy Larkins

      I cannot wait to see this movie!

    29. Sm4sh Carly

      I was wondering what Professor Snape’s been up to

    30. that one dude in your recommended

      Why does Ted look like Keanu Reeves? He should act as John wick or something!

    31. Jessica Harding

      Too fucking bad George Carlin isn't alive for this....

    32. Alison L'Huillier

      I can’t be the only one who thinks Alex Winter and Casey Neistat look similar

      1. Fentanel Floyd

        A little sean penn too

    33. Vibez

      Yes lol never thought this would happen lol

    34. Lynz Trex1906


    35. Jenny S

      Wow just stop! This is pathetic.

    36. the realog baggy

      The world needs this kind of movie right now I'm so glad they're doing this it just shows how cool Keanu Reeves has is

    37. Jimmy Seit

      Death looking dope.

    38. Chesapeake & Seaboard Productions

      Shaved Keanu looks so cursed Jesus

    39. The Mad Prince

      "why don't we just go to the future where we DID write it.?" Bill and Ted jump into the time machine and jump 5 years ahead. Only to find remixes of their old stuff by lesser band. Bill died of a drug overdose and Ted is at his funeral right after being diagnosed with Parkinson's. "Don't worry Bill! I can still write the song! I think this shaking might make my solos more wicked!" He breaks down into the palm of his own hands. The slightly younger observing Bill and Ted, "holy shit dude..." "Yeah, totally not excellent."

      1. The Mad Prince

        @Christopher Manley I didn't even know this movie was out yet actually. So I haven't seen that scene. Watched the originals when I was around 7 years old ha. Was sent here by some recommendation for movie trailers. Been years since I watched Bill and Ted but if you like them you should watch the Epic Rap Battle where they are in it. Lewis and Clark vs Bill and Ted.

      2. Christopher Manley

        @The Mad Prince Did you watch the movie? There's actually a scene where the two of them are in a nursing home. Might be the funniest scene of the movie.

      3. The Mad Prince

        @Christopher Manley couldn't help myself. Haha. Loved it when I was a kid, but Keanu looks like he's about to fall out of his wheelchair. God I'm terrible lol.

      4. Christopher Manley

        That was kind of dark. But, you know, that’s cool. 😎

    40. Keldio

      Keeanu leaves

    41. TheMelrose1961

      Wow how awesome is this!!! I loved the original.. Excellent movie a definite must👀 Keanu looks great it’s surreal

    42. Memes Nah gee

      Oh god yes

    43. Daniel Daniels

      Such a shame Metrocenter mall just closed and is not featured


      Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

    45. oldad son


    46. wolves in wolves clothing Brian frumps

      666 mark is here ....not click bait

    47. wolves in wolves clothing Brian frumps

      Where did that guy work in between movies

    48. derrick spangler

      Looks like the perfect movie to watch on some Syd lol

    49. Soulless Raven

      Guys seriously it's Bill and Ted. The first movie was just as bad as this one will be, but that's the charm in it. Plus we all know that Keanu is a tremendous actor, and it takes MORE still to pretend to act badly, which is what these movies are about. It would be like if Pauly Shore made another son in law movie or we got another Wayne's World from Mike ... Still bad, but still will make you laugh your ass off. Personally I can't wait to get high and watch this 😂🤣

    50. Řebbêcća Ŕabbîť

      I gotta send this to my mom she loves bill and ted

    51. Andrew S

      The best of the best OF the Best. for 8/28 release date. Once again The best of the best.

    52. Hill C

      I've got a comment: I no longer watch leftist actors in movies . They are overpaid sanctimonious snowflakes that do not appreciate our AMERICAN FLAG and are out of touch with reality.

    53. Colorful Sushi

      Something feels off

    54. Billy Kaufman

      Keanu Reeves and Walmart Casey Neistat do something with music idk I wasn’t really paying attention

    55. Wjgood

      Ngl I actually clicked on this ad

    56. Starymon Gaming

      "What number am I thinking of?" "69!" Bill and Ted was a great movie.

    57. Robert Hoyer

      This is going to be the worst movie I watch twice

    58. Gabriel_hideo99 yv2

      the dude with long hair looks like spencer from icarly 😂

    59. Clara Kimberly

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    60. Rachel Maria

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    61. Yasuhiro motherfucking Taeko Ludenberg bruh

      Damn I thought that was shiki from yakuza 0 lmaoo

    62. Myron Smith

      Keanu is only a year older that me and he looks like my dad or my mom depends on which way you come in the room

    63. Mr. Why?


    64. James Bond

      Is 12:00 AM, and I'm waiting at the drive in theater

    65. YIC KayoKazz

      Who else getting Tentacious D vibes

    66. Catherine Parr

      Ted looks like Snape Death looks like Voldemort but with a nose

    67. Get Those Nuts Away From My Face

      I’m pretty excited, too bad they released the movie during a pandemic

    68. Jeremy Erickson

      Is there any way this can be stopped? Will Bill and Ted die the way of Indiana Jones? Please, somebody! Somebody please stop this.

      1. Jeremy Erickson

        Make it seem like this was all just stunt to get people to watch the first two...please no...dont do it.

    69. rTangle

      Anyone else thinks that Ted looks like Keanu Reeves? Or is that just me?

    70. David

      Professor Snape outside of Hogwarts

    71. Not Todd Howard

      John wick and billie Joel’s and mark ruffalo’s love child

    72. Sissy Brooks

      I'm afraid it won't be the cute, family-friendly movie it was. I hope they didn't ruin it.

    73. James A

      Only instrument John Wick uses goes pew pew

    74. Richard 801

      Go to the HUgets app, type in PETA, go to PLAYLISTS, find the Pandemic Playlist. Thanks

    75. flowerpink33

      There’s no way in hell i’m watching this garbage. I lost brain cells looking at this. That’s is all.

    76. Baligong

      Was that Voldemort with a Nose rocking with Bill & Ted?

    77. Terlinilia

      Bill and Ted Oh yeah

    78. Gilbert Gilbertson

      I don't like Keanu without his beard.

    79. CL

      Still crushing on Keanu after all these years

    80. Albert Wesker

      Keanu is so humble to play the role of an old film. Most actors hate the beginning of their careers and forget their first roles.

    81. Cesar Salgado

      Bill looks like tfue

    82. busterthe2

      How come Keanu doenst smile like Ted is supposed to???


      WHY ?

    84. Ivan T

      It's professior Snape!!!!!😂

    85. Evan Gore

      Sam and Dean after their midlife crisis

    86. M G

      This is catastrophic

    87. Kelly Kizer

      Keanu"s starting to look like Corey Feldman. 😜

    88. Hazel Greene

      Am I the only one hoping Keanu doesn't look as old the entire time as he does in the previews Edit: Because we just love him and can't accept that he's old like us!!! Duh

    89. Matthew Torres

      Nobody wants this idk why it’s even a thing.

    90. Chunkymilk

      Keanu lowkey looks like Snape without liquid coke in his blood

    91. RantChant 316

      Bill and Ted get millions of people to spend money on a feeling of nostalgia while watching a crap movie.

    92. Nick Castillo

      I'll definitely see this movie, at least twice. This ought to be fun.

      1. greg west

        You're kidding,right?

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    94. Asaad Asaad

      I just don't like when the kids interfere

    95. Cova Brouwer


    96. Count2Potato

      Has Keanu's acting range gotten so bad he can no longer play earlier characters he has already done??

    97. succo mode

      keanu can literally be any age lmfao

    98. Voldemortadella

      If he doesn't kill someone in this movie I'm demanding a refund.

    99. Kayleigh Brianne

      Watched the first one last night at my father’s recommendation. It was pretty funny and now I’m invested in this super random sequel

    100. tthomaselli2

      Is that really Keanu Reeves in this movie???... Holy cow!...