BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC :15 Labor Day - Now Playing (2020)

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    Party with Bill & Ted this Labor Day Weekend! See Keanu Reeves & Alex Winter in the film critics call, "charming and hilarious". The Certified Fresh comedy is available NOW On Demand and in theaters: 🎸⚡️#BillAndTed3 #FaceTheMusic

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    1. Arax

      BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ᴏʀ ᴅᴏᴡɴʟᴏᴀᴅ ɴᴏᴡ ✈️ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechentdfsdf

    2. liberty mom

      In the thumbnail, the tall guy w the beard: arms abnormally short for a man.

    3. Myakinass 2001

      I heard it’s $30 bucks!

    4. PJ Johnson

      I loved their first movie......glad they’re back

    5. Margaret Sen

      This movie was all cringe.

    6. Marnice Bradford

      P00 ppl 000 up

    7. Tammy Forbes

      I swear I think these are the most underrated movies! Just like the first one it will be a bigger hit after it’s release cause of the corona and cause it’s bill n Ted man!

    8. todoroki_ships _todobakudeku

      I watched this 2 times in the past 2 days

    9. Savannah Mandes

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    10. Candycrushes

      Sometimes ya just gotta let it go ..times up ⌛️

    11. StephieAkaHeaven WasHereThereEverywhere

      This was all planned. Rent or Buy...from The Matrix to selling out, making drive-ins a rarity to total domination by YT. See how it all fits when you become so rich!

    12. Laura Creighton

      I loved the Bill and Ted movies! This one should be just as good, too!

    13. C Green

      Who else remembers the Bill and Ted cartoon?

    14. TkUSA 1776

      I’m kind of excited about this movie!!!😃

    15. Kelly Krystinak

      It was so terrible!

    16. Alana Break

      Can't wait to see it 🌺

    17. 1738 Creations

      SJW garbage. 25 minutes in and we're at a count of 8 girls and 2 guys. Guess who's running the world in the future? Guess who's trying to save the world in the future? Guess who saves the world in the future? Yeah, it wasn't hard to guess. It's BC as in Before Christ. Not BCE which means literally nothing.

    18. Kierra Livers

      Darn it I missed this video.

    19. The 90's Boy

      amazing movie worthy sequel after 29 years 9/10


      Wow 🦈🐊🦗🕷️🐜🦂🦇

    21. Anger kun

      Their daughters are the one that writes the song not them

    22. Anger kun

      It was decent at best. Just another man hater movie where men=bad women=good

      1. Irene McDaniel


    23. Infinity Nexus Reviews

      I reviewed this on my channel, I absolutely loved it.

    24. Infinity Nexus Reviews

      Why do they keep putting :15 in the titles? I feel like there's a really obvious joke going right over my head lol!

      1. Fletcher Brown

        Infinity Nexus Reviews oh yeah that’s what I mean, they put the runtime of the ad in the title. It’s weird. Idk why they do it. On the Orion Pictures channel it has other ads too with numbers

      2. Infinity Nexus Reviews

        @Fletcher Brown Look at the title of this video. I dont mean the countdown timer for how long an ad has left to play, it's literally in the title of this video.

      3. Fletcher Brown

        When it’s an ad put on another video, it’s shows the length of the video. Idk why tho. I guess its something advertisements have to do for the HUgets algorithm

    25. Q Magnificent

      Make.married to the mob 2

    26. Batman Pop's

      What If I Told You, I Told You So LOL 😁

    27. Batman Pop's

      Remember that one guy who was tackled so hard he thought he was the owner and founder of Pizza Hut for 10 months LOL 🤣

    28. Batman Pop's

      Who edited my comment? 👀 LOL

    29. E-D Gaming


      1. E-D Gaming

        @J.R. And J.R. Productions 🤣🤣

      2. J.R. And J.R. Productions

        @E-D Gaming 😂😂

      3. E-D Gaming

        @J.R. And J.R. Productions shut up u got 11 subs🤣

      4. E-D Gaming

        @J.R. And J.R. Productions so u did care

      5. J.R. And J.R. Productions

        @E-D Gaming to let you know