THE WOLF OF SNOW HOLLOW Official Clip - 1979 (2020)

Orion Pictures

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    Forty years on the force and he's never seen a body like that... 🐺🌕 Watch Academy Award Nominee Robert Forster in the exclusive clip from Jim Cummings's thriller The Wolf of Snow Hollow. Available On Demand and in theaters October 9. #SnowHollowFilm #TheWolfOfSnowHollow

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    1. Lilly pearls

    2. Andy Pierce

      Me when I get emails

    3. Tree Funk Jones

      Swore that was a twin peaks badge on his shoulder

    4. ScruffyCharms

      Camcorder movie in theaters? jesus.

    5. WizardOfAtlantis

      Hail, Orion! Keep that good stuff comin'.

    6. A.T. M

      Love that Orion is owned by MGM makers of the lost but famous London after midnight. I’ll definitely see it.

    7. Midtoker Marius

      A unreleased Robert forester movie... Sign me up

      1. Elfoscuro

        Me too

    8. Sandra ramirez

      Why it had to be 2020 should be 2021

      1. A.T. M

        Do still not feel safe with going to a theater?