BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC :15 Feel Good - Now Playing (2020)

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    Critics are raving that Bill & Ted Face the Music is “the funniest film of the summer” and “is packed with genuine heart and humor”. Watch it now On Demand and in theaters! #BillAndTed3 #FaceTheMusic 🎸⚡

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    1. C. C.

      Boring. One of the lamest movies of the summer

    2. Kimasha McDonald

      Jamaica new

    3. Brooke Of Ohio

      “It wasn’t so much the song that made the difference, It was everyone playing it together.” Very last line in the movie “Bill and Ted Face the Music”. Last year after a NDE, I saw holographic geometric cubed strings of lights drop down from out of the sky. Layers upon layers of thousands and maybe millions of light upon light upon more layers of light. There was information in all of these that couldn’t be read but only translated intuitively. (I’m still translating this information.) They told me so much! The most memorable was that Humans are the notes, the keys, that create the symphony of the Universe/One Verse/One Song. Face the Music? Each and everyone of us have an important part to play in the symphony of the One Verse/Universe. If we’d only learn to “Spot the Similarity’s” instead of playing “Spot the Differences” we’d then realize why we’re here in/on the Earth = Heart.

    4. Baby Stagg

      Shit wuZ Killa Funny!!! Da 🤖, ☠️ N Kid Cudi were my Fav'Z. 🤣🤣🤣

    5. Deep-fried-zombie

      Bill and Ted excellent venture of their sons bill and ted Junior transitioning...

    6. Aex

      Yooo cant believe voldemort is a guest star

    7. Lile 101

      Why did I think this was Casey neistat and Keanu Reeves

      1. Meg Does Stuff

        Because Sean Penn’s been out of the public eye for a while and Keanu hasn’t changed much in the last 30 years

    8. ᏒคᎥនᴛαʀ


    9. The Crack Cellar

      How Excellent can a sequel be without the heavy metal that made Bogus Journey? The Pop Revolution begins in The Crack Cellar's Review of Bill & Ted Face the Music -

    10. What Is My Name

      Watch it in theaters, What theaters are even open right now

      1. Baby Stagg

        🤦🏾‍♀️🤣🤣🤣} Right. I PAID 20.00 N WATCHED it @Hm DayZ Ago! 😁😏🙈. 👅. ♟️👑🦀

    11. Olivia, Pre-Podiatry Med

      Did I see Voldemort in there??

      1. Meg Does Stuff

        Have.. have you seen Bill and Ted? That’s the Grim Reaper from Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey

      2. Squirrel

        Idk i thought the same thing

    12. Fifth Horseman

      I'm so stoked for this movie. The original two my mom and I watched together only to find out she used to be a stoner metalhead too lol

      1. Deep-fried-zombie

        It’s gonna be the most woke shit you’ve ever seen

    13. Ramon Baez

      I'm going to spoil the movie there going to a time machine again saving the world and they made a band die

    14. Lockstep Chris

      Bill and Ted take a dip in my hot tub: coming soon

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    16. Retro Jet Games

      “I said plum..... NO WAY, YOU SAID MUSTARD”

    17. Stm tom

      I really enjoyed it!!! 👍👍👍👍

    18. Jo Tap

      When this movie came out I watched it watched countless amount of times

    19. Jo Tap

      In my Mandela effect supposed to and Reeves and Emilio Estevez. And in the phone booth a lot of free movies have fumbles until just recently the old movies I mean and the phone booth have power the boots have some kind of Technology power that seems mystical almost the phone booth used to have the Pacific Bell logo

      1. HARSHDARSH lopez

        Jo Tap you made no sense

    20. Bingham Guevara

      Are there any Trump references in the film?

      1. Wedge W

        Not a one. A gloriously a-political film from start to finish.

      2. Stm tom


    21. Zone Friend

      🎬Bill & ted face the music 🎬 ᴅᴏᴡɴʟᴏᴀᴅ ɴᴏᴡ ➤➽ ♔♔-FULL HD-TOUS LES SOUS-TITRES, MEILLEUR AUDIO-♔♔♔ 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Њихово здравље одговарајуће их спречавају да се превише приближи

    22. pspower

      This was a very fun movie! Never a boring moment! Big congrats! The only minor criticism I have was that I wanted the rumors to be right that current Bill & Ted visits 1989 Bill & Ted at the Circle K. That would have been awesome. But oh well. Hope there are more movies in the series!

      1. Wedge W

        That would have been cool, but it also would have broken the general Bill and Ted series time travel rules, that anything you do when time traveling will always have been. Like the original Circle K meet up between B&T and B&T. That scene happened the exact same way both times we saw it. There wasn't the original way without time traveling and then a different way with. The B&T films are pretty unique in that respect.

      2. Steelstreet1 Crew

        I was hoping for that moment to give advice to their younger self.

    23. Lee Beal

      Awesome movie love it better than last one I be glad if they make part 4

    24. NorthBear

      Watched it twice now. 🤘

      1. Lee Beal

        Better than last one

      2. muy thai

        is it most triumphant?

    25. Mr Critical

      Yeah but I still gotta wait another month to finally watch this in the U.K.

      1. Mr Critical


      2. Kel McGowan

        I read it's been brought forward a week. 16th September!

    26. Infinity Nexus Reviews

      Watching this tonight, so excited!

    27. Isaac Paulakonis

      Strange things are afoot at the Circle K, Ted...

    28. reldra

      Dude! Be excellent to eachother!

    29. Jo Tap

      I still believe that this is part of the Mandela effect

    30. Jo Tap

      Thank you so much I'm going to love this movie no matter what so happy that we're having a movie like this and this time of age

      1. Jo Tap

        I can totally serious I didn't get the chance to see it yesterday so I'm going to see it right now soon as I'm out work off work

    31. M Livehd


      1. M Livehd

        You are both spam bots! I have been warned by Reddit before! Everyone knows the real free movie site is Soap2Day!

    32. M Livehd


      1. M Livehd

        @Bastene 360 Solid “Excellennnnnnnnnnnnt!”

      2. Bastene 360 Solid

        excellent *plays air guitar*