BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC: Behind the Scenes - Death's Crib

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    Take a tour through Death's crib in this all-new behind the scenes featurette! Bill & Ted Face the Music is Certified Fresh fun for the whole family, and is out NOW On Demand and in theaters! Watch it here: 🎸⚡️ ️#BillAndTed3 #FaceTheMusic

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    1. viena-lara

      "Mid-century modern... I don't know which century." 😂

    2. Congslop's Diner

      Haven't seen it yet, does it explain why Death is in hell?

    3. i Tap

      Party on dude's

    4. i Tap

      Playing at the drive-in movie theaters everyday pass it on

    5. Mykey Farrington-Manchester

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    6. Shanethefilmmaker

      Poor Death. I mean don't get me wrong he deserved the Lawsuit, it's just sad seeing him live like this.

      1. Mr Critical

        Death clearly had a massive ego even in Bogus Journey, but it’s obvious that the guy is just lonely and finally found a pair of friends who accepted him but his ego got in the way

      2. Shanethefilmmaker

        @JumbaFan I agree.

      3. JumbaFan

        @Shanethefilmmaker I see your point, and I agree with you. I was mainly talking about how stubborn those three were.

      4. Shanethefilmmaker

        @JumbaFan actually a crisis is the best time to both mend broken friendships and drive away worst enemies. Reality collapsing was their Corona.

      5. JumbaFan

        Yeah. He's a lonely guy, just doing his job, and he got carried away when he got some praise. All he wanted was some appreciation! Rejection hurts like...well...hell. XD I liked that the girls gave him some honest criticism while pointing out what they did like about his music, and the flattery didn't hurt either. It really didn't take all that much to make them forgive each other! Just kinda sucks that it took a crisis to get them to that point. Not gonna lie, I both laughed and teared up at the group hug!

    7. notslim1

      why a blurred hand?

    8. Buchi Chu

      This movie did exactly what it was supposed to do for me, so thank you to everyone in production. It was a much needed relief, at least for 90 or so minutes.

    9. Robert Torres


    10. Felipe Toro

      i tough the villain was Conan obrien, sad face I'm not watching the movie now

    11. Dave Grega

      Love Death! Station!

    12. Just a kid that rants

      Best character in the series

    13. Total Freedom Living

      One of the best characters ever created, hands down. Needs a solo film or a tv show.

    14. follow-Me เราสิคะ

      WAnna be add your facebook☺

    15. Pepe Friend

      The only thing I didn't like about the movie was that it didn't show up longer the death

      1. Monica Benefiel

        Westminster movie

    16. MovieCrypt dotcom

      Wait -- John Lennon is in Hell...?!

    17. Bubbles The Kitty

      Hey tlc welcome to my crib

    18. Bingham Guevara

      Who'd have thought Death was German?

    19. S-sential Bizness

      It's MTV Cribs: DEATH EDITION

    20. Zone Friend

      WATCH bill & ted face the music 2020 f'u "l'l M'o'V'i"E HD 4K Online ----------------------- ➤ Іх здароўе адпаведныя ім прадухіляюць занадта блізка побач адзін з адным. ??7s

      1. Νικολέττα Αθανασίου

        Don't you think it's really rude to recommend pirate copy of a movie which premier was 3 days ago? It's not good for all people made that movie. It's no respect from you to them.

    21. wally e gee

      William Sadler is hilarious I could watch a whole movie of just him as Death

      1. Al E Gator

        @S-sential Bizness lol

      2. S-sential Bizness

        @Al E Gator Well I'm sure that Death had them all stand in line and take a number... 😁

      3. Al E Gator

        @S-sential Bizness a lot of politicians went to hell? Nope, not "a lot", but ALL of them. lol

      4. Total Freedom Living


      5. S-sential Bizness

        LOL, you beat me to it! 😁 Forget about another B&T sequel, I'd love to see a standalone movie about Death and his zany interactions in Hell with dead rockstars, dead movie stars, and maybe even some dead politicians (⬅I'm sure a LOT of them went to Hell...) 😄

    22. Infinity Nexus Reviews

      I uploaded a review and it's blocked, can you release it please?

    23. D00R

      There was not enough Death in the movie....

      1. Mr Critical

        Judging by an interview with Ed Solomon it’s very apparent that Death and Hell were a late inclusion into the script as the movies climax was changed substantially overtime. My guess is once they had an idea of how they ended the film they realised last minute that fans would be annoyed that Death didn’t show up so they had to throw Dennis into the story to facilitate a trip to Hell so they could bring Death in again

      2. Infinity Nexus Reviews

        It was practically a cameo right?

    24. ChiliHunter

      40 minute bass solos 😂

      1. Mr Critical

        No he quit the band to go out on his own

      2. Al E Gator

        remember though, he is Wyld Stallions. Well, according to him lol... ;)

    25. Tom Dotson

      Actually except for the location his place is pretty awesome

    26. Lee Beal

      Best movie better than last one glad to see William Sadler return Death he did so good!

    27. DIRT e D33DS

      The movie was fair. I had a lot of laughs. Could have done without 85% of the scenes with their daughters time traveling as that left a lot to be desired. I didn't feel any sense of genuine with any of their scenes or anyone they picked up. T What made the first movie great was all the historical figures they picked up were so much fun. The second movie had the hell scenes and heaven scenes as well as the wonderful station.

    28. Chris Schaeffer

      I enjoyed this moive it was funny and a fun moive to watch I remember the first 2 bill and Ted movies the 3rd movie ended there story in a good way . I have a question do you think that you can please post all of the trailers from this movie on this channel sometime soon and can you please post all the trailers from the 1st bill and Ted moive and the 2nd bill and Ted movie sometime soon on this channel?

    29. CommanderOfTheSun

      This movie was disappointing. And that makes my heart sad. :(

      1. Total Freedom Living

        CommanderOfTheSun - he was hilarious.

      2. CommanderOfTheSun

        @DIRT e D33DS The robot was the most annoying character in film history.

      3. DIRT e D33DS

        The ending was pretty dumb, I have to admit that. The scenes with the girls left a lot to be desired. However it had its moments and I had some laughs at Bull and Teds time traveling to meet themselves. That was comedy gold in each scene if you ask me. The medieval accent Bill and Ted was funny as shit. This was made for the fans, it wasn't meant to be a Oscar contender. Just take the laughs and enjoy it where you can. I thought overall it was a descent movie.

    30. Frank Martinez

      He got his piano from John Lennon and he comes over and plays it all the time LOL

      1. Maxx XIII

        He would be able to, considering he beat both of his wives, emotionally abused his children and gave money to hate groups like the Black Panther Party.

      2. Keith Boddy

        I was surprised it wasn't Jerry Lewis' piano (yeah, I spelled it wrong),,,

      3. Mr Critical

        That’s his punishment for marrying Yoko

    31. Mr Critical

      William Sadler’s voice seems a little off in this video

      1. Mr Critical

        He seems to have kept the voice up pretty well in the trailers and the Hopscotch clip so I’m guessing it might be improvising that’s the issue

      2. Wyatt S

        I think it's mostly a combination of him being 30 years older, saying new lines we've never heard, and in the case of this video probably improvising.

      3. DIRT e D33DS

        Getting old is all. The man is 70 years old ffs. That's no spring chicken.

      4. Skthorn50

        S 98765

      5. Skthorn50

        Cry xiu zesty feta amass

    32. Trinidad Lara

      I love this hahah


      Wow 🦇🦂🐜🕷️🦗🐊🦈✈️🗽🎃👽👻📺🎥📽️🎬🎞️📼📹💴💵💶💷💸💱📰💲💰

    34. Ruth R

      Love this character. Would love to see MORE of this dude! Thanks oxo

    35. A.T. M

      He reminds me of Voldemort

      1. Skthorn50

        Look and see

      2. Skthorn50


      3. Skthorn50


      4. Skthorn50


      5. Skthorn50

        @Anthony mom

    36. BE C

      Great movie. Was so glad to see William Sadler return. Death truly becomes him.

      1. William Hassell

        Great role huh