BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC :30 Ready - Now Playing (2020)

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    The most excellent duo has returned! Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are back in the Bill & Ted Face the Music, available NOW On Demand and in theaters! Watch the Certified Fresh film here: #BillAndTed3 #FaceTheMusic 🎸⚡️

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    1. imashartini

      Bill & amp; Ted Face the Music (2020) f'u "l'l M'o'V'i"E HD 4K Online ♥ ♥ ♥------>>>>>

    2. Trevor Tuominen

      This movie was non-heinous!

    3. Zone Friend

      WATCH bill & ted face the music 2020 f'u "l'l M'o'V'i"E HD 4K Online ----------------------- ➤ Іх здароўе адпаведныя ім прадухіляюць занадта блізка побач адзін з адным. ??7s

    4. Trinidad Lara

      I love it! It’s great

    5. Halina Sztygowska


    6. Memeverse

      This movie was so funny 😂

    7. tomoyafujiwara

      How/When can I watch this in Japan (with Japanese subtitles)? I can’t wait!

    8. Arcade Music Tribute

      Loved it!!!!!!!!!

    9. Joe Human

      So fun. Family fun. I love this film. 🎸⚡Be Excellent To Each Other⚡🎸

    10. Max Matthews


    11. NorthBear

      Going on viewing #5 😀 it's a most excellent motion picture. Station!! 🤘

    12. Ikura Prime

      Not sure this adds anything to what I've already seen but thumbs up for Bill and Ted!

    13. Josephine Rogers

      Yes! I was the 69th like! 😄 (True fans would get this. Heck even casual fans) This movie was authentic Bill & Ted!! You're going to love it and make sure to watch after the credits. Doesn't disappoint!

      1. Josephine Rogers

        @ChairDoorMan Haha hell yeah! 😁

      2. ChairDoorMan

        You lucky soul!

    14. Jo Tap

      How come it's not how come it's not Keanu Reeves and Emilio Estevez you know Billy the Kid I watched original movie probably a thousand times when I was Keanu Reeves home puffs are supposed to have the GTE Pacific Bell logo Matrix having numbers instead of saying phone or telephone numbers and a the phone booth Nelson a matrix that says City and has some kind of numbers on it where it should say telephone

      1. Jo Tap

        How's it going Royal ugly dudes send them to the Iron Maiden all right executor booooogus

      2. Jo Tap

        Shut up Bill, whuss going it go be great, exxxxxxcellent! ( guitar) dingiding, dingiding dinging dneeeear God gave rock and roll to you God gave rock and roll to everyone

      3. Jo Tap

        No way man

    15. lessthan12parsecs

      Worth the money to buy it digitally! Such a fun movie and very Bill and Ted. Felt like 89 all over again watching this one! Thanks to the cast, crew and writers for bringing us a most excellent 3rd movie! Station!

      1. Josephine Rogers

        I agree! I bought it on Amazon Prime to stream. Totally worth it!

    16. dwight burrey

      Loved it! This IS a Bill and Ted movie! Not Fake or untrue to the characters. A pure joy! I honestly couldn't stop giggling! And the scene after the credits is pure magic!

      1. Invader1037

        @dwight burrey thats the thing, spoilers here: At the end, after the song was made, kid cudi starts like having this weird light in his chest and he starts to disappear then he turns to Bill and Ted and says "Station!" It would explain why Kud Cudi knows so much about time travel and all but it would've been nice if they actually showed station in his actual form..

      2. dwight burrey

        @Invader1037 there's a rumor that Kid Cudi is actually station reincarnated.

      3. Invader1037

        @I’mJasper no problemo

      4. I’mJasper

        SkyyPlayzMC Thank you! :)

      5. Invader1037

        @I’mJasper it was unexpected to say the least... It wasn't as silly as the previous films... The previous 2 are more bogus than this one... Although this one feels a little more serious and there is more suspense as there is a race for time, it is still really fun.. You can tell its low budget at times but overall its really great... Especially that Weezer track :) There are also lots of throwbacks to the first 2 films which is nice to see... Enjoy the movie :)

    17. Andy Thorpe

      It's an absolute treat. It's a movie not to be missed. It's a welcome return of our dim-witted time travelling heroes from San Dimas. Remember "Be excellent to each other and party on dudes".

    18. Ag1

      Any true bill & ted fan will enjoy this movie!!!

    19. ChairDoorMan

      This movie was most excellent!

      1. Axel Choreño

        @ChairDoorMan where can o find it?

      2. ChairDoorMan

        Axel Choreño The whole thing!

      3. Axel Choreño



      Wow 🦇🐜🕷️🦂🦗🐊🦈✈️🗽👻👽🎃📺🎥📽️🎬🎞️📼📹💴💵💶💷💸💱📰💲💰

    21. R D

      Wow can't wait to watch it 💞

    22. YukonV