BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC: Behind the Scenes - A Most Triumphant Duo

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    It takes a most triumphant duo to unite the world! 🤘🎸 Get a behind-the-scenes look at the casting process for Bill & Ted Face the Music, and don't miss it On Demand and in theaters 8/28. #FaceTheMusic #BillAndTed3

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    1. katherine turnbull

      Most excellent

    2. tommy girl

      I miss you Keanu 💖

    3. hana neumanova


    4. tommy girl

      I love you Keanu 💖

    5. jacob giles

      Love this

    6. Jamil Thiago

      filme top demais

    7. David Alexandrou

      This movie was awesome, and if you felt otherwise because it had girls in it, you really need to grow the fuck up.

    8. ethan baldwin

      I want to learn creating videos like that!

    9. The Crack Cellar

      How Excellent can a sequel be without the heavy metal that made Bogus Journey? The Pop Revolution begins in The Crack Cellar's Review of Bill & Ted Face the Music -

    10. Trinidad Lara

      Brigette and samara are incredible!!!


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    12. Robert Cheung

      The casting was on point

    13. John Duckworth

      I have to watch this movie if only to hear how Ted's dad rationalized what happened because clearly he doesn't believe the last two movies happened. Where would Bill and Ted learn a magic trick to make a phone booth disappear? How did they get instantly good enough to win battle of the bands?

    14. Rufaro Asuquo

      Bill and Ted three was awesome and I’m so pleased with how much it did very well and I loved the first two movies and the series 🤩

    15. Crescendo

      How short is this Orion! I want at least an hour long behind the scenes special! And no you don't need to intercut it with scenes from the film.

    16. someweirdcontent

      Me finding out there’s a new bill and Ted: wHoAh dUdE

    17. Light SHOW X-RAY

      You might like ))))​

    18. Mike M

      I love how Bill and Ted named their daughters after each other

    19. Exodus85

      The first movie was awesome!

    20. John Katsoudas

      It is so EXCELLENT to see both Bill and Ted back again after almost thirty years after Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey movie. I was barely a teenager when the last movie came out, so I definitely want to see the new one. I love both movies, and their soundtracks big time. I still have the Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure on cassette tape, and Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey on CD. The soundtrack for Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey is one of the greatest soundtracks ever in my opinion. I am really looking forward to seeing this movie.

      1. Michael Pate

        Dude just "The Perfect Crime" makes the Bogus Journey soundtrack awesome. FNM elevates everything.

    21. Easy E

      Dudes go back in your time machine and prevent the coronavirus from getting out into the world! Then go and turn in that Minnesota cop for his future crime of killing George Floyd. Then maybe the world can "Totally chill".

    22. N Sanjay S Nathan

      Hi I hope someone sees this, this movie isnt playing in Malaysia cinema so I wont be able to watch it, someone please upload a R5 Screener to torrent websites , thank you.

    23. Meme man Dan


    24. Mark Humphreys

      What do y'all think bout bill and ted doing a movie with wayne and garth?

    25. Mark Humphreys

      Fuck yes! I ain't seen them since excellent adventures

    26. Tiana roberge roberge


    27. Tiana roberge roberge

      Movie heven

    28. Tiana roberge roberge


    29. Tiana roberge roberge


    30. Tiana roberge roberge

      Bill and ted

    31. Tiana roberge roberge


    32. snatchadams69

      I think it's cute that Ted's daughter's name is Wilma and Bill's daughter's name is Thea

    33. Jim Hults

      It like 1991 when they are back since Bogus Journey and now they're old.

      1. Jim Hults

        And also in Megan Ward 1993 horror comedy Freaked.

    34. Kathy Wlms

      EPICAL DUDE'S!!! Don't forget to come back to 2020!!!

    35. Pengles

      I accept Keanu with no beard. But not satisfied

    36. Jason Sabourin

      Good for Keanu Reeves, he doesn't/didn't pull A Sean "Spicolli" Penn. "Too Cool for School".

    37. popo kaito

      Please let all this be fake

    38. Starfighter-14

      Hold you!!!! At the end of the last movie they introduced Little Bill and Little Ted which are boys names, so when and how did they change into girls??????????

      1. Kathy Wlms

        LOL 🎉 SIKE!!! 😅😂😂🧱🧱🧱

      2. TheaterPup

        Use a little imagination, maybe Bill and Ted named them after each other even though they were girls. It happens. Plus they were on screen for all of two seconds, relax.

    39. Nicole Eickholt

      Damn my husband is a sexy beast #KingdomCome #JohnWick #PsychopathKillers

    40. Youtube Comments

      I keep seeing Keanu suddenly shoot someone. Roll on the floor. Dodge a few bullets. Then stab the barrel of the gun in someone’s eye.


      How if we can’t go we have to stay inside

    42. Seth Seiden

      Keanu looks like DRACULA

      1. Akasha Eyre

        I would make a Faustian Bargain to see Keanu play Dracula in a film, especially since he was in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” starring Gary Oldman. Then, Gary could play Han Velsing. It would make so much sense since everyone always refers to Reeves being immortal.

    43. Spirit Chasers

      Can't wait to see it. Time machine, Bill and Ted, vs Bill and Ted.

    44. Tamika Brown

      Fuck yes!!!!! My childhood activated. Definitely my favorite movie characters.

    45. BooBop1987

      That is so cool!

    46. Matthew Lawrence

      Dude, did Ted's Dad go to Hell with Colonel Oats???? EXCELLENT!!!!! (Outrageous Air Guitar Solo)

    47. Evie Walker

      Par tay! SWEET! 🤙🖖

    48. Kev Mac

      Of course the girls will be the real super heroes.Get WOKE and suck!

      1. TheaterPup

        Or you could see the movie first.

    49. yoc land

      I was blessed with meeting Keanu Reeves in Alameda, Calif a few months ago. He was very, very cool and chatted with a few of us for like, half an hour. Took pics and everything. It was AWSome.

      1. John Katsoudas

        I have always loved Keanu Reeves in both Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey, but the movie that made me love him as an actor is Point Break. It is one of my all time favorite movies ever, and he did an amazing job in it. That is so cool that you got to meet him. I have always heard really good things about him when someone has met him. He is one of the most humble people in the movie industry.

      2. yoc land

        @Akasha Eyre 👍

      3. Akasha Eyre

        Thank you for sharing your story. And I’m very glad you got to meet Keanu. I feel like everyone should.

    50. helga a

      can you geach me this?

    51. Ronnie Perez

      I remember my history teacher showing us bill & Ted ! Best fucking history teacher ! I won student of the month in his class 😎 Heavy metal !!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    52. Anika 桃 Jones

      Bill and ted is epic 🎸🎸

    53. Confessions of An Angel Tarot

      Thank God! Maybe 2020 will be saved afterall!! I am risking the virus for this one. Have to see it in the theaters for sure!!! 💖💖💖

      1. Confessions of An Angel Tarot

        Most heinous theaters are closed!!! But preorder has been submitted and I will settle for my living on dudes

    54. B-Movie Madness!!

      Remember a time when whiny little neckbeards didn't take over the youtube comment section and cry about movies being "woke"? I miss those times!

      1. TheaterPup

        ClevelandMilton “Are you denying”??? LOL Are you going to ask me if commies are real next? Dude, you’re seriously taking this and your self far too seriously. Either enjoy a movie or move on.

      2. ClevelandMilton

        @TheaterPup Are you denying the existence of "woke" politics being inserted into movies recently? Are you implying that it's all in people's imaginations and it's actually not there? Just asking.

      3. TheaterPup

        @ClevelandMilton Or you're so obsessed with whining about woke, you're starting to see it behind every corner.

      4. ClevelandMilton

        @B-Movie Madness!! Thank you for giving me some insight about your maturity level.

      5. B-Movie Madness!!

        @ClevelandMilton All I read is Waaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh Change your diaper\.

    55. Petra von OrkoSoft

      Woow ..whats happend to keanu? Alex looks like in the bill and ted 2 movie. But keanu....he looks like an old woman....his face dont looks like the previous keanu from the 2nd movie....did he use botox?

      1. CatWoman

        The previous movie was 30 years ago. People change. And yes, Alex Winter looks different too.

      2. mark

        Hmmm I dont think so :/. I can see how people might think he used botox. But I remember seeing a picture of his dad and they kind of have that same situation going on. He just has a longer face which what makes it stand out more. So it might just be genetics. My grandfather has the same thing too (I'm filipino). I don't want to say it's an Asian thing but I definitely do see it a lot with my family as they got older as well. Dont quote me on it though. The only way we can find out if keanu did use botox is if he disclosed that himself.

    56. One3rdNinja

      Hang on.....have they twisted it so the girls end up writing the song that saves the world.....??

    57. Rod Jonse

      Why do I have the overwhelming feeling that it's going to suck though? Maybe I'm still jaded from Dumb and Dumber To but it strikes me the same way. I want to shake that and withhold judgement but the jokes in the trailer aren't helping.

      1. Rod Jonse

        Update: It didn't suck. It didn't suck at all. Was great.

    58. coachU2

      Oh man, Station better show up!

    59. jose gefonser

      can you geach me this?

    60. BasketBallFan109AlternateChannel

      Attention, We Are About The Cronavirus Is Still Cancelled or Delayed Movie No Theaters Allowed To COVID-19

    61. We Love Comics

      FUN FACT : In the new movie Bill & Ted : Face the music, we see that both Bill & Ted have daughters.... Well, in the 2nd movie : Bill & Teds' bogus journey, they were actually sons.... "say hello to little bill, & say hello to little ted". I guess they had sex changes growing up. Or Hollywood cannot just leave anything alone anymore. So since you have to turn everyone Female & do your SJW nonsense, this will be yet another movie I will not pay a dime to see. AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 1st two movies..... It is so obvious the SJW agendas Hollywood has... And to those who say OH WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL.... Let me ask you this, would you be happy if the cast a MAN to play WONDER WOMAN? I sure wouldn't. SO it is all about changing characters and NOT anything else.

      1. TheaterPup

        @We Love Comics Well they're all wrong. Stop being wrong. :)

      2. We Love Comics

        @TheaterPup says the person responding to every single comment I made lol

      3. TheaterPup

        You're whining about continuity in a Bill & Ted movie? Dude, chill.

      4. We Love Comics

        @TFlyer LOL OK, Thanks Dr Phil..

      5. TFlyer

        @We Love Comics The fact that you are so hung up on this is genuinely hilarious. If you want to talk about "learning the lore" maybe you need to understand the fact that they could possibly be in a different future, that they used the phone booth to create. Or I don't know the second film took place 29 years ago and Bill & Ted are both clearly aged considerably so it's possible that they aren't the same children. 😂

    62. More Kaml

      Keanu revs beatiful man

    63. Chiara Maria Vedovelli

      I wonder if Billie and Thea are described as Bill and Ted's kids, and not daughters, out of respect for Brigette Lundy-Paine non binary-ness (?), since the character is rumored to be nb as well. It would be a nice touch.

      1. TheaterPup

        @We Love Comics The babies weren't exactly characters in the sequel. You're overreacting.

      2. Chiara Maria Vedovelli

        @We Love Comics you really haven't read what I wrote, did you? I would accept a female main character turner into man if we had the same percentage of male and female protagonist. We have few females, few lgbt+ people, few poc. They deserve representation; I have nothing against male, straight, white protagonists. I am just saying there is more. This young woman is nb; why shouldn't we have a nb character? It would be important for other nb people, and educate those of other sexualities.

      3. We Love Comics

        @Chiara Maria Vedovelli OK well like I said, when Hollywood changes a female character to a male, then I will sit it out. An AGENDA is when only 1 side is being done. Name 1 movie or TV show in the past 10 years that had a female lead that was rebooted and changed to a MALE lead... I can name more then 20 times a male lead has changed to a female.... And I guarantee they are going to try to reboot this franchise with the 2 girls.... So anyway, until Hollywood changes both genders to the opposites, I will not like what they are doing to all the franchises I grew up with and loved....

      4. Chiara Maria Vedovelli

        @We Love Comics you are a man, right? And if you want male protagonists you can find as many as you want. It is not only a matter of equality; it is a matter of visibility. The children appeared for 5 seconds in the second movie; it doesn't seem like such a big change.

      5. We Love Comics

        @Chiara Maria Vedovelli Because Hollywood is one sided when it comes to gender switching. This Franchise is called BILL AND TED.... THey even had 2 sons NOT DAUGHTERS.... WHEN HOLLYWOOD uses Men to play Charlies Angels, or a man play wonder woman, then I will be OK with it. But it is ALWAYS taking a male role and just inserting a female, then saying OH IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, YOU ARE SEXIST.... I GUARANTEE IF THEY DID A CHARLIES ANGELS REBOOT AND CAST MEN, EVERY FEMINIST ON THE PLANET WOULD BE OUT RAGED.... AND THEY WOULD HAVE THAT RIGHT BECAUSE CHANGING GENDERS FOR NO REASON OTHER THEN TO CHANGE IT IS LAZY WRITING.... So I am entitled to my opinion, and as a man I am tired of being told I am bad because of my gender. It is clearly an agenda and if you cannot see that, then there is no reason to continue any dialog. And I would be fair about this if it was BOTH WAYS. For example, if they cast an Asian man to play Black Panther, I would not like that either... Stop changing the characters just to fill in a gap... It is LAZY.

    64. eapoe6

      Dear Alex & Keanu, I am one of your fans from the old days. I am not upset with you. I know that making a film requires compromise and a touch of F-all madness. With the understanding of how long it takes to produce a film and where society was when you were shopping the script and trying to get funding, I forgive you for this horrible assault on the spirit of your own gender and your own iconic characters. I hope the money you earned will sooth the humiliation of being the last piece of Hollywood garbage to destroy fan goodwill and push the cancer of feminism on good men and boys. Men have been under vicious assault these days. Men can take it, but it hurts. When I see the same viciousness prepetrated on young boys, my blood boils. When I see yet another franchise fall to the scourge of feminism I shrug, ignore it and tightly seal my wallet. Male suicides have increased 800 percent in recent years. Hope you lowlifes are proud of taking, yet another thing from men and service of the most detrimental political movement ever to be inflicted on humanity. Shame on you. Shame on the money you were paid. Shame on the whole production. Shame on anyone paying to support it. Sincerely, The Bill and Ted Fan Base. PS. The kids don't care about you at all, and you gave he finger to the people who still care who you are. Think before you waste people's money. I might avoid the next John Wick because of this. That last one was a bit femmey to me. John Wick is on financial thin ice as it is.

      1. We Love Comics

        @Artur Avelar Don't give them any ideas ;). lol

      2. Artur Avelar

        I'm just waiting for Matrix 4 where we'll learn Neo was never the One, it was in fact Trinity and we find out she was transexual all along

      3. eapoe6

        @We Love Comics There are A LOT of us. :)

      4. We Love Comics

        Thank god there is someone out there who sees what is going on..... The world is asleep so it is nice to see someone awake :). GREAT POST.... I 100% agree and sadly 99% of the world will have no clue....

    65. moooooofy

      This is looking like ghostbusters 2016 all over again

    66. Internet Jesus

      This is already film of the year


      I'm so getting excited about this film.

    68. Smuggling Tacos

      After seeing the second trailer, I'm out. Why repeat something that's broken when it will gain you nothing?

    69. King Hart

      They had better not make it the daughters are the song or some woke bullshit like that

    70. SuperPussyFinger

      They both look like lesbians.

      1. TheaterPup

        @We Love Comics Dude, you're not oppressed because you don't like a movie (that you haven't even seen). Sorry.

      2. We Love Comics

        @Bingham Guevara Freedom of speech allows people to be able to say what they want. If you don't like it, that is understandable, but if you want to take away his right to speak his mind, then that is a dangerous road to travel. Free speech is important, even if it is something you don't agree with or even like.... He has the same right as you do.

      3. Bingham Guevara

        Don’t say that

      4. We Love Comics

        They probably will be, that is the SJW Hollywood way.

    71. Cody Wizman

      What happened to little Bill and Ted? Only their daughters. ❤️😇

      1. Nick L

        @We Love Comics alright buddy

      2. We Love Comics

        @Nick L then why is Hollywood only changing the male characters in many movies to female and not the other way around? Come on, if you cannot see this then you are either part of Hollywood's payroll or willfully ignorant.

      3. Nick L

        @We Love Comics but the gender of their kids is so inconsequential gender isn't the only defining trait of a character.

      4. We Love Comics

        Gender switch. Hollywood does that. But NEVER the other way around. They will NEVER switch a female for a male,.... Gotta keep that SJW agenda flowing....

    72. Starch Wreck

      Meh. Something disturbing about 50 year old Bill and Ted still acting like dumb 16 year olds.

    73. Mr Critical

      Ok so I was right when I theorised that Ted’s dad died and went to hell

    74. WILKO

      I totally possessed your dad

    75. Peter Reed

      Small nitpick... But why is this cut so abruptly? Half the dialogue gets cut off at the end

      1. Fletcher Brown

        That was the end of the dialogue lol

    76. thewerewolfgirl97

      0:38 Bill and Billie, Ted and Thea! They’re even wearing similar colors! Love it!

      1. thewerewolfgirl97

        @Tasteful Tuna I know lol I meant that Billie is standing next to Bill and Thea is standing next to Ted, so they're with their respective namesakes.

      2. Tasteful Tuna

        Other way around, I believe. If I'm not mistaken, Thea is Bill's daughter and Billie is Ted's kid.

    77. Stephen F

      That looks sick! 😃

    78. johnny dollar


    79. Coffee is for closers

      I love both the first 2 Bill & Ted movies, so very much looking forward to this one. It will be interesting how they will explain Rufus character absence, as actor George Carlin passed away in 2008.

    80. Laura Lundy, Blue Panther Productions

      Bodacious, DUDES!! Awesome to see Brigette Lundy-Paine & Samara Weaving tearing it up!!

    81. Timepiece80

      Ted's father is dead too? I hope he gets back with them.

      1. jason Grady PHStiger'61

        And it looks like he's now believing that Bill and Ted were telling the truth about their Adventures from the first two movies.

      2. Mr Critical

        You can see him in other trailers playing in the band during the climax and driving the band to the venue with Death so he comes back to life

    82. incredible srinking man

      Remember ... Be Excellent To Each Other

    83. ClevelandMilton

      A missed opportunity was having Wayne and Garth cameo in this movie, thereby confirming they are all in the same universe and teasing a crossover film.

      1. Fletcher Brown

        A crossover film more epic when they meet in the crossover film

    84. ClevelandMilton

      Please let Bill & Ted be the ones that save the day, and not the kids. Don't mind the kids helping and participating, but we're here to see the Wyld Stallyns!

    85. Ladiesman217

      It’s nice knowing the actresses who plays their daughters have similar chemistry as Keanu and Alex so they’re friend ship in the film will seem real. Just knowing Bill and Ted are back is the most exciting thing ever for me but knowing the daughters will be very similar is nice to know They'll be as likable as Bill and Ted. Can’t wait for this movie!

    86. Baker Company


    87. freddybeer

      As long as the daughters are SIDELINE characters and Bill and Ted are the MAIN focus! Most bodacious! I can't wait for this!

      1. We Love Comics

        @David Alexandrou go with whatever makes you feel better....

      2. David Alexandrou

        @We Love Comics Fun fact! They never say they are boys in Bogus Journey. Ted short for Theadora, Bill short for Wilhelmena .

      3. freddybeer

        @Jennifer Luck - Most bodacious news! Lol! Thank you! Now I can't wait!!!

      4. Jennifer Luck

        Yes you will be happy

      5. freddybeer

        @Jennifer Luck - I haven't seen it yet, Jennifer. I'm in the UK. I won't see it for another week and a half. You've seen it, I take it?

    88. BKB

      Plot twist: The movie is released and the song actually unites the world in real life!

      1. Akasha Eyre

        That would be wonderful. I’d love that.

      2. Sodio Clawkus

        No wonder it’s coming to theaters

    89. Omar Fig Films

      Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

      1. Omar Fig Films

        @LD71 SC All we are is dust in the wind, dude!

      2. LD71 SC

        One if my favorite lines, sadly at 49 I still say it to describe an odd situation 🤦🏼‍♂️

    90. MikeRiderOOO

      EXCELLENT! 🎸🎸

    91. johnulcer

      Looking forward to the movie but if it turns out to be some kind of Force Awakens type deal where it's "ushering in the new generation" and Bill and Ted become supporting characters to their daughters, I'll be a little less stoked.

      1. mark

        Let's hope they won't expand to a series based on their kids

      2. johnulcer

        @We Love Comics Whoa.

      3. We Love Comics

        Be prepared to be less stoked....

      4. ClevelandMilton

        If Bill & Ted are treated like Luke Skywalker, that would be pretty sad.

    92. Patrick Honeyman

      The actress who plays Ted's daughter looks like if Anne Hathaway got a second go-around at acting (I mean that as a compliment). Quite similar looks.

      1. Ripley J Lawman

        Brigette is actually nonbinary.

      2. Gregory Burd

        And the actress who plays Bill's daughter looks like a young Rosanna Arquette.

      3. Akasha Eyre

        That’s what I was thinking!

    93. j powersgirl72

      Excellent! A belated anniversary present (8/25), not too shabby. Really looking forward to this.

    94. goakzyplayz 69

      0 dislikes nice

    95. Hungry Jonas

      How's it going, ancient Bill and Ted?

      1. MikeRiderOOO

        Hungry Jonas “Not bad. Being immortal is excellent! But seeing everyone die before your eyes is most heinous.” “If anything it puts in a bit of perspective to know that life can be with you in a moment of instance and you just have to find peace with that.” “Really?” “Nah dude. It’s totally awesome dude!” “EXCELLENT!” 🎸🎸🎸🎸

    96. __

      This is shaping up to be totally triumphant!

      1. Brian Orozco


    97. Fabio Alves Show

      She really looks like if was Keanu Reeves daughter

      1. mark

        Fly high ava reeves 😥🕊

      2. TOFMDrone

        most excellent

    98. voodoochild1975az

      Bill, Ted... we need you now more than ever

    99. Babylonkid

      Were with you Mr. The Kid.

    100. Demise Media

      EXCELLLENT 🎸 🎶