BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC - Guinness World Records™ Title Attempt - Instructional Video

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    Whoa! We need your help to unite the world and set a Guinness World Records™ title - for most people air-guitaring online simultaneously! On August 24 at 10am PT, we’ll all be coming together online to set this most triumphant record, and we are inviting you to help us! Sign up to be part of history here:

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    1. todd dee

      Decent watch

    2. luis ortega

      This is it chief

    3. bigo93

      I dont know which I find more surprising, that this guy won the Air Guitar World Championship last year, or that he won doing it like he does, cos it look awful to me!

    4. Jason Bromley Music

      AWESOMENESS!! 🤘🎵🎶🎸

    5. Dave Zwalve

      I'm in! Catch you later Bill & Ted!

    6. Simon Edwards

      Way too much left hand stuff going on by the world champ... I should know, I've been at the world champs myself!

    7. MTGLoreseeker


    8. ariama

      Wish you did this on a weekend

    9. jackmurak

      I'm a down stroke player...FYI ...

    10. Vincent Da Boss

      I'm not 18 so that's totally bogus man!

    11. Robert Michl


    12. Matt React

      air guitar ? excellent !!

    13. EL HUNTER

      CHILD'S PLAY 2

    14. Vedant Tiwari


    15. Peter Otton

      That performance was totally awesome dude

    16. Peter Otton

      I am truly loving this style, keep giving us more dude and party on DUDES..

    17. ClevelandMilton

      This is how promotions should be decided at all companies.

    18. I'm Nobody

      I would if I didn't have to work that day

    19. Mhorfeo. FM

      ¿Podríais subtitular el vídeo en español, por favor? Yo quiero apuntarme. Un cordial saludo: Mhorfeo. FM

    20. Daryl Nye


    21. ben berkowitz

      Air guitar championships are a real thing? Most excellent.

    22. William Hassell

      Time travel for people that have to face the music

    23. LopezBOT

      So I got the job then? Feels I watched a new employee video from the early 90's. :)

      1. Rob Messel Voiceover

        That doesn't say much for my video production skills, but I love this comment.

      2. William Hassell

        Depending on the position you're applying for....