BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC - 360 VR Experience

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    Bill and Ted have gone virtual, dudes! Immerse yourself in the world of Bill & Ted Face the Music in this new 360 experience! Put on your headphones, crank up the sound, and try it now on your mobile device, desktop, or VR headset! Don’t miss Bill & Ted Face the Music, available On Demand and in theaters this Friday, August 28! 🤘 🎸 #BillAndTed3 #FaceTheMusic

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    1. Nickolas Cruiser

      You can see a table go through the phone booth at 2:30 can't unsee lol

    2. kwyn intelligence

      Cool ... and party on !!!

    3. fred thompsy

      Cool I love it really so much you are so amazing

    4. Loan de Nantes

      That makes my eyes hurt.

    5. Sybille Nirvana

      Yes yes

    6. Zone Friend

      🎬Bill & ted face the music 🎬 ᴅᴏᴡɴʟᴏᴀᴅ ɴᴏᴡ ➤➽ ♔♔-FULL HD-TOUS LES SOUS-TITRES, MEILLEUR AUDIO-♔♔♔ 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Њихово здравље одговарајуће их спречавају да се превише приближи

    7. Karmen Jakovina

      I was totally whoaaa dude with all this! So cool! Totally excellent. 😆😆🌟

    8. Fuzzybeans

      Awesome thanks dudes

    9. danwarb1

      The HUgets VR app doesn't work, so you'd be better off hosting this elsewhere.

    10. BooBop1987


    11. Damian H

      That was awesome, and I would love to meet mr reeves in person

    12. The VRtist

      The Only True Wisdom Consists In Knowing That You Know Nothing. That’s Us, Dude!

    13. Scp-682 Immortal lizard

      The music is called the beginning of the end by weezers

      1. Charlotte Kerr


    14. The Toy Rookie

      I really hope this is not the type of music featured in the film. It really should be all 80s and early 90s rock.

    15. Yanis Kaps

      I Am So Excited For This Movie!

    16. Piano Smasher.

      Be excellent to each other

    17. Hatchback Conn

      That was pretty cool.

    18. Bill f Brasky

      So where will this be shown

    19. MysterMysteryHunter

      A most non-heinous experience, dudes \,,/

    20. Mike C

      Keanu Reeves is pretty perfect

    21. Bioblaze Payne

      As a Developer who has Done VR and 360 Experiences, I cannot believe they didn't add the Floor to the Actual Phone Booth, like really? First thing I do when I got into it, was look down seeing the concrete floor. That is a very very very Novice mistake, very disappointed. The development staff should of done better, alot better.

      1. Bioblaze Payne you can actually see the border of the background for over 5 seconds, ontop of noticing they didn't even put a skybox into the scene so you just have a free floating rectangle. ..... I grew up watching Bill & Ted my apologies for being so critical. But. Yeah. Should have done alot better, though I thank you for doing it. For everyone else

      2. Bioblaze Payne

        Not to mention, they are using a shared material which changes for every single ground they appear above, that is just.... really? I don't wanna be rude, but really? like seriously?

    22. Brian Treybig

      That was so nice thank you! Always wanted A VR Bill and Ted game where you travel through the circuits of time.

    23. Jill Marie Young

      This reminds me of the Back to the Future ride I was on in Orlando 2001 🙃🤪🎥💡🎸🎸

    24. Tom Dotson

      Omg this is so cool

    25. Sodio Clawkus

      1:07 Very appropriate lyrics for the experience 🤣

      1. Sodio Clawkus

        I meant it’s appropriate cuz it’s a 360 video and I was literally spinning around to see everything

      2. Piano Smasher.

        It’s Wezzer dude How could it not be

    26. Sodio Clawkus

      That experience was most triumphant!

    27. Mhorfeo. FM

      Rufu's glasses! = ¡Las gafas de Rufus! Un cordial saludo: Mhorfeo. FM

    28. Marc Santiago

      They have a Phineas and Ferb Candace Against The Universe 360 video on Facebook! It was posted today! I CANT WAIT TO WATCH BILL AND TED 3 AND CANDACE AGAINST THE UNIVERSE THIS FRIDAY! They both come out on the same day as The New Mutants!

    29. Lemmy Kilmister


    30. Pika Pizza15

      That's awesome!

    31. More Kaml

      This video is really cool

    32. ClevelandMilton

      Why does Keanu look happier here than he does in the trailers?

      1. Gamer Dan

        @Mr Critical trying the find the right song can do that.

      2. Mr Critical

        Because Ted as a character is tired and done with his destiny because it’s ruined his family life most likely

    33. Aaron H

      Dude, 360 VR on any portable smart device is THE future.

      1. David Heller

        Nah brain chips to experience auditory and visionary experiences

    34. Mike C


    35. Delirious365

      Cool !👀🎥📹📼📺💯✔💥🎬

    36. William Hassell

      Im surprised to see that Alex Winters....aged very mr. Reeves

    37. Alexander Heidelberg

      That Was Cool 😎

    38. Countdrakeula

      This is most excellent

    39. Jacqueline Sheridan


    40. TopMovie Action


    41. Z4k M Scene

      is good but when come in cinema i don't know

      1. stevenARTify

        In US it's 28 August but for me in UK and Europe it's 23rd September 🥺

      2. Russell Hunter

        It comes out this Friday.

    42. Pengles