VALLEY GIRL: Behind the Scenes - "Dance"

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    Go behind the scenes of Valley Girl with Jessica Rothe, choreographer Mandy Moore, and director Rachel Lee Goldberg to see what went into the totally awesome dance numbers. 💜🎶 Don’t miss Valley Girl TOMORROW, available at select drive-ins and at home on digital. #ValleyGirlFilm

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    1. MasterSpin77

      Cornhole....nobody danced like that...The Original is in a shrine, this is way to happy...

    2. Alan Cruz Dominguez

      Valley Girl? or Valley Old?

    3. Άγγελος Αλεξανδπης

      Weird Stories [Season 1&5]

    4. Brother Kellymatthew Barnes

      They aren't going to take off their red shoes and dance the blues? The Old Maaaan Lives down the Road.

    5. Iamii

      Until the End (Child's Play 2019 Reimagined) movie concept by Iamii MAKE IT GO VIRAL!!! GET IT TO A MAJOR HORROR MOVIE SCRIPT WRITER TO TURN THIS IDEA INTO A REALITY!!! This is a movie idea I had of reimagining Child's Play (2019). I've always been a big Chucky fan and horror movie fan in general. In this reimagining, Chucky (named after Andy's deceased bestfriend, Chuck) would not only be a technologically advanced A.I., but he would also be possessed by a demonic entity by the name of Aim (aka Aym or Haborym). In this reimagining, the doll will have a child like voice but once the Aim takes over, this child like voice is much more creepy & disturbing, especially with chucky's ability to mimic any voice he has heard. This entity was accidentally casted into the doll when Karen (Andy's mother) and a couple of her crazy close friends were playing around with an old voodoo book her friends found in the basement of an old abandoned house once occupied by a long dead devil-worshipping serial killer. Once this entity posseses a host, it takes on it's personality... but in its own very dark & sinister way.... It just wants to be andy's best friend.... It wants to be his only friend.... It wants to play. MOVIE TITLE: Until the End GENRE: Horror RATING: Rated R TAKES PLACE IN: Sacramento, CA (October 2023) SCENE LOCATIONS: Andy's house, Toy Store, Wooded area, Old abandoned house. 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When activated, a computerized voice will ask how old is it (if the child is 9, the parent will tell it it's 9. After that, the toy will activate its personality & imprint on its owner then greets him/her & asks for his/her name & it's name. While still being completely attached to its owner, the doll is very capable of full interaction with others, including wildlife. With a special password only activated by the parents voice , parents are even able to over-ride the kid-friendly mode & allow the doll to have a respectful, well mannered adult like personality with an adult like voice for the parent's own personal use like a personal assistant or an alexa. The company figured adding this function would make it easier for parents to buy it for their children. Its, 1923... Jeffrey Charles is still at large. He's been wanted all over for so long for countless ritual related murders. They finally find him in an abandoned house where he was hiding & living in Sacramento California. They found him dead in the basement with some weird foreign writing in blood all over the walls and all type of ritual related items all over the room. He was dead a week before they came. He took his own life for ritual purposes. The body was removed and they took most of his belongings...but the one thing they left behind to sit for many years was his satanic book. 100 years later, on October 17, 2023, 6 days before Andy's 10th birthday, that very same book was found by karen's friends after they went into the abandoned house looking around. One night, they brought the book over to Karen's house and started to look through it. The book was in a language that they couldnt understand. They figured chucky could figure out the language since he's a A.I. karen wasnt really up for it but her friend talked her into it. Out of curiosity, they turn to a page & they ask Chucky if he can read what it says. Using his access to the internet , Chucky learns the language in a matter of seconds then starts to read the text out loud speaking the foreign language. As soon as he finish reading, the light flickers off and on a couple of times and they freak out and put the book away. The text that Chucky recited, so happens to be a chant that summons a demonic entity by the name of Aim. Aim (aka Aym or Haborym) is a Great Duke of Hell, very strong, and rules over twenty-six legions of demons. He sets cities, castles and great places on fire, makes men witty in all ways. The one who recites this chant gives Aim permission to possess and take complete control of them.. But in Aim's own very dark and sinister way... It will be a intellegently disturbing, bloody, twisted hell of a scary ride. I started writing my script for my movie Until the End (Child's Play 2019 Reimagined).. This is the only part of the script I will leak to the public. I dont wanna give away too much... 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An officer stops and picks up some sort of ritualistic item. OFFICER: (v/o) (Speaking from a distance) Hey theres a house just over this hill here. The officers run up the muddy hill and stop at the top, looking down at the old abandoned 2 story house. OFFICER: Now who would want to build a 2 story house in the middle of the woods? HEAD OFFICER: (Gives officers a head nod, giving the go ahead to head in) Let's go fellas. The officers are slowly walking down the hill torwards the house. About half way, they notice the dismembered heads on the ground all with their eyes still open looking torwards the house. OFFICER:(v/o) This guy is fucking wicked man. They slowly walk pass the dismembered heads and they reach the front door which is covered with satanic symbols written in blood. The rain starts to come down harder, the wind is howling and thunder is roaring. HEAD OFFICER: (With a serious look) Alright now listen up. You six, you go check upstairs. The rest of you will come with me to check the first floor and the basement area, Understood? (Officers nod in agreement) HEAD OFFICER: ..Alright.. let's head in. The head officer opens the blood covered SQUEAKY door and the other officers follow him in. INT: THE ABANDONED HOUSE: CONTINUOUS The house is cold & dark, only being lit by moonlight, lightning flashes & flashlights. There is no furniture in the living room, the walls are old and molded, the wooden floor is damaged and SQUEAKY, windows broken out, some boarded up. The house look as if it's been abandoned for many years. OFFICER: (cough's from the overwhelming smell of rotting flesh) My god, It smells horrible in here. The head officer along with his group of 6 officers seperates to go check the downstairs area. The other group of 6 officers head up the dark SQUEAKY staircase. Walking slowly, one after another. The 6 officers reach the top of the staircase and slowly walks down the dark hallway separating into 4 different bedrooms. An officer walks into the first bedroom alone slowly pushing the door open with caution. The room was dark & pretty empty, only containing a bed and a small nightstand with an old wooden box sitting on it. The wooden box catches the officer's attention. The officer shines his flashlight on the box then slowly starts to walk torwards it. He hears a voice slighty whisper something behind him and he turns around and looks behind him for a few seconds, no one is there. He looks back at the wooden box and starts to slowly walk back torwards it. On his second step torwards the box, a small rattling noise is heard from the closet. He quickly turns to the closet aiming his flashlight and gun at the closet door with a look of caution. He slowly starts to walk torwards the closet. As he's getting closer to the door, the rattling noise continues. He gets to the door and stairs at the door nob. The rattling is much louder at this point. As he slowly reaches his hand out torwards the door nob, he starts to hear the whispering voice along with loud rattling sound. He grips the door nob and slowly starts to twist. OFFICER: (v/o) (yelling from downstairs) Hey guys we found him! The officer looks back when hearing the officer from downstairs. He turns back to the closet but the rattling and whispering voice stops. He lets go of the door nob and heads downstairs with the rest of his group. - Iamii - 🌞🌍🌙

    6. Ralph Esparza

      Loved this new version. Great escape from all the stuff going on in the world right now. Great music and just an all around fun movie!

    7. Penny Rollings

      This was one of my all-time favorite. Can't believe you made it a musical. O h God make your own movies , leave the icon 80 movies alone. They destroyed it.

      1. Chitchatjf2

        I liked the 1983 version as much as you do, but I did this one as well


      No stop with the fucking unessecary remakes

    9. Felicia