BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC: Behind the Scenes - Be Excellent To Each Other

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    Bill & Ted are back in this behind-the-scenes clip to remind you: Be excellent to each other! ⚡️ 🎸 Watch Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter and the cast of Bill & Ted Face the Music talk about their quest to unite the world in this IGN exclusive. Watch #FaceTheMusic On Demand and in theaters 8/28.

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    1. Mr Burns

      And together, they're WYLD STALLYONS

    2. Ag1

      ”how bout that narly old goat dude”

    3. hendo337

      I saw the first film in the theatre with my mother when I was a little boy and I have loved Bill And Ted my whole life. I have been a lifelong fan of Keanu, saw Point Break, Dracula, Speed and the Matrix in theaters. I like Alex Winter too, Freaked is a hillarious cult film with them both in it too.

    4. hendo337

      Dang, Keanu is actually starting to look aged in this film. Is the actress that plays one of the daughters the real life daughter of Hugo "Agent Smith" Weaving from the matrix?

      1. data3

        Samara Weaving is the actress and she is indeed related to Hugo Weaving, she is his niece! =)

    5. T.J. Ferguson Project

      The 'Beardless' John Wick. Lol 😂

      1. WM Dank

        I liked the idea that John Wick is Ted after military school.

    6. Kelly Karjola

      The actress's who played the princess's in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure talk about the prom scene that was filmed but never used. at minute 3:30 ======================================

    7. Judd Philby

      Watched the originals as a teenager and now get to share Bill and Ted with my teenage son. This will be one of the few ‘excellent’ things to occur this year and I cannot wait to see Keanu and Alex together on the big screen.

    8. Juke Highwalker

      Too bad it's going to end with feminist bulshit...

    9. Stephen Salgaller

      Orion Pictures, please be sure that this movie is available to see in AMC (and local independent) theaters. It will look much better on a big screen with a good sound system.

    10. rage page


    11. 123612100

      They should have got Jim Martin.

    12. Dude!!!

      Looks awesome! Hope it does well. Love the appearance of that white and blue robot!

    13. The 90's Boy

      I don't care if this gets 6.1 on imdb or even 5.7 I love bill and Ted

    14. ClevelandMilton

      Dude, they are totally giving away WAY too many scenes in these previews. For this movie to be a most triumphant experience, they need to stop releasing all this footage, dude.

      1. Kel McGowan

        It's perfectly normal for promotional videos to give away big chunks of the story. More is more these days. A simple solution would be to not watch the videos.

    15. Jacqueline Wernett

      Wow...stupid meets stupid. 11,000 lightning strikes in 72 hours...are keanu and Alex Winter going to whip out their dicks and hose some real fires...nah...they are cowards...they don't know Rain but sure throw a spitball....take a guess...November 2020...start with the 11th...then work from there.

    16. Doug

      I wish dumb and dumber too had an innovative crew like this. i was so disappointed in that movie

    17. Noah Vining

      It's Rodrick as an adult!!!

    18. Kale Bennett

      Its great to get to a video before a disliker does

    19. IIIpARxIII

      This is the first movie in a very long time that I'm genuinely excited for. I don't even care if this movie turns out to be bad... I'm just excited to see another Bill and Ted movie.

      1. Dude!!!

        From my view, it's kind of the point of these movies to be sort of bad lol. Good bad. That's what makes them fun, similar to Wayne's World.

      2. Evan Stanley

        Exactly. We aren't asking for a masterpiece. We just want Bill and Ted back, done correctly.

    20. Daryl Nye

      Who is 0:41 ?

      1. Lar Rackell

        Looks like a cave woman, judging by the bone. I can't wait to see how that plays out cause she's the drummer.

    21. Eugene w

      R e a d y

    22. Speedle

      Bill and Ted will save 2020! Be excellent to each other!

      1. WM Dank

        Party on dude!

    23. L M

      “It’s kinda like a good reunion” wow that’s a ringing endorsement Keanu

    24. Shahid Khan

      Please be good, please be good, please be good....

      1. L M

        It won’t

    25. LLGoldstein

      Looks kind of lame.

    26. BKB

      Does anyone know why they didn't bring back the original actresses playing the princesses?

      1. Space Cop

        They have never been played by the same actors LOL

      2. BKB

        IIIpARxIII I don’t really care; I’m just wondering why they don’t keep the same ones

      3. IIIpARxIII

        Does it really matter? The princesses were never the focus of these movies. They're hardly even in the previous movies, so much so that most people didn't notice they switched actresses between Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey.

      4. David Heller

        The 4th one

      5. John Oreskovich

        There have been different actresses playing the princesses in each movie. The two in bogus journey aren’t the same as excellent adventure.

    27. follow-Me เราสิคะ

      💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Hey!!😄nice to meet all # fcช่องนี้ยืน1👍👍👍 สวัสดีค่ะช่องดีๆที่น่ารักและเพื่อนๆทุกคน ใครสายเลื่อนอ่านเม้น ขอให้หล่อๆสวยๆรวยๆกันถ้วนหน้า และมีความสุขกับช่องที่คุณรักนะคะ I miss everyone💖 It was nice to meet all 😉😉😉😉😉

    28. Mr Critical

      0:51 name a more iconic trio

      1. Bill Jara

        Rush, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Motorhead

      2. Mr Critical

        Three musketeers is 4 people though really if you count Dartanian

      3. Mr Critical

        To be fair the stooges lineup changes so frequently you can’t really define them as a solid trio, meanwhile Bill, Ted and Death are a bonafide trio

      4. David Heller

        Jase Boon debateable

    29. William Hassell

      Let's rock....David's