BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC :15 Review - Now Playing (2020)

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    Critics can’t get enough of Bill & Ted Face the Music, calling it “the movie we need right now”. Watch the Certified Fresh film On Demand and in-theaters now! 🎸⚡ ️#BillAndTed3 #FaceTheMusic

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      Keanu is still so incredibly hot !

    2. Brenda Echols

      No gray hair?

    3. Hanah Kush

      Reeves Looks like a plastic Botox monster

    4. Rosie Brind'amour

      Keanu looks so stiff, he looks like Michael Jackson also.

    5. Lovygirl

      I Cant believe that he would lower himself once again to that...js #dissapointedinkeaunu 😞🔥🙊

    6. Jasmari go


    7. warriors 3-1 lead

      Absolute garbage

    8. esmeralda vargas

      H Una sendejo se pierde la salvación?


      The first one was okay. The second one was stupid. Is this one any good ?

    10. Natalia Anachii


    11. imashartini

      Bill & amp; Ted Face the Music (2020) f'u "l'l M'o'V'i"E HD 4K Online ♥ ♥ ♥------>>>>>

    12. Linda Reese

      Fidelity law

    13. Arem 449

      Z sx#x

    14. JerseyinthePhilippines

      Good timing maybe a little late. Better late than never. The kids want to see that. That movie is gonna make money. Wait buy or rent. Whoa part of me is stuck back in 1992.

    15. figet_2

      This was the worst movie I’ve ever seen

    16. High Igartuat

      Keanu looks like Crispin Glover in the thumbnail

      1. Franky Flowers

        he looks like a cigar store indian

    17. ttejy

      Not worth it at all

    18. Eli Whatshisface

      keen reef holesome 10

    19. Jake L

      This movie sucked, dude.

    20. Dovii Dan

      Don’t waste your money

    21. Franky Flowers

      that movie wasn't good.

      1. Franky Flowers

        @Amon Gus just imagine if you hadn't seen the first one and the second one. it would make less sense than none. i don't remember part 2 very well.

      2. Amon Gus

        @Franky Flowers after watching the movie I agree that this movie is most bogus

      3. ttejy

        Garfield the movie was shit. I loved the original but this was sjit

      4. Franky Flowers

        @Amon Gus that movie was bogus.

      5. Amon Gus

        The comment is most hanius

    22. Trippy Martian

      This movie was trash Thought it would be clever and looked funny Straight trash

    23. Butter lover62

      That is most Excellent

    24. Kirk {as in Captain} Moore

      A totally non bogus, triumphant, heartwarming, and healing movie.

      1. figet_2

        Made my eyes bleed

      2. ttejy

        It sucked

    25. Shelly Cassidy

      Look good. The movie way cool dude. For sure when are older

      1. Coyito Herrera


    26. Justin Eves

      cool news to hear that dude I can't wait to see bill and Ted face the music what has everyone thank of it please

      1. Doris Vera

        Franky Flowers xxx.

      2. Franky Flowers

        @Ben Deko its the worst movie.

      3. Franky Flowers

        i didn't like it.

    27. Isaac Paulakonis