THE WOLF OF SNOW HOLLOW Official Trailer (2020)

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    Welcome to Snow Hollow. From acclaimed filmmaker Jim Cummings comes The Wolf of Snow Hollow, On Demand and in theaters October 9. Watch the official trailer now. #SnowHollowFilm #TheWolfOfSnowHollow

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    1. Raymond Krawiec

      Surprised that they didn’t make a sequel to the Wolfman ( Benicio Del Toro ) . They left it wide open for one when the Inspector had been bitten . Might have been pretty good .

    2. bruxinhadcd

      I love, love, LOOOOOOOVE this film!


      The first Werewolf ate little reds grandma....

    4. Paulobraveheart M

      garbage,but thanks.

    5. Dawn

      I loved this.

    6. Tara& Jessica

      Why is this character always freaking screaming god

    7. Bradley Atom

      They made this movie seem so serious from the trailer. This movie was funny af. Really solid and refreshing movie, like a new era B movie.

      1. BlueCorp

        Well thanks for making me not choose to watch this movie. I want to watch a thrilling werewolf movie. Not a comedy.

    8. Chris Rowe

      Underrated film! Absolutely excellent

    9. I’m garbage but fangirl :3

      I watched this with my parents and I loved it

    10. Jessica Lehr

      Is the movie as good as the trailer..... bc it honestly looked a bit boring to me

    11. fearsomejester

      Waste of time..! 🤕

    12. Tyrus Bowie

      Liked it until the end

    13. 6 weeks ago • 9 months ago

      All the greatest movies were made by Orion. Rambo, Terminator, Robocop, Platoon, Dances with Wolves 😂

    14. Royal Creations

      Excellent movie. Loved it.

    15. 킥뚜

      예고편인가요? good 이네요

    16. CenobiteKosor86

      This was one of the most refreshing and original "werewolf" movies I saw in a looong time. Funy af too.

    17. MMaya

      yes haven't seen a good werewolf flick in over a decade! this movie was so different and instant classic! didn't expect the comedy parts to work so well with serious and dark parts. and yet nothing was cheesy it just great movie and atmosphere! and really unexpected twist. Jim Cummings was awesome in his role I had no idea he is also writer and director too. super talented guy!

    18. Alfredo M.

      This was SO good!

    19. DAKENZ

      "Expectations of you are low" . Take this opportunity man, run!

    20. Larry Fleetwood

      Why is this movie virtually b&w... :-/

    21. Hector Mclector

      This was a good movie which is a rare thing these days

    22. Link0304

      This looks AMAZING!!!

    23. Cristian Pinchetti

      I can´t stop watching 1:01 Riki Lindhome is triyng hard not to laugh XD

    24. Aaron Allums

      I watched this last night. This is why I love Monster Movies. This was Awesome

    25. The real

      This is a great movie unexpectedly hilarious.

    26. Jesus Luz

      thought this would be a terrible movie, so i didn't expect much when i saw it. But i was so so surprised by it. I thought it was a very beautiful movie - the way it was filmed, the colors and so - that was remarkable. It had a strange quality to it - that i don't really know how to explain, but it certainly stood out to me. And the acting was good as well. I couldn't see how they could make an entertaining and interesting movie with just one actor alone, in one place. But it works really well in my opinion.

    27. Bill

      Let me save you a six-dollar rental. This is not a horror movie. This is an absurd, trite, hackneyed, predictable, cliché-ridden, trope-filled, formulaic, small-town-hayseed-family drama. It has an alcoholic cop! It has the fallout from a bad marriage! It has a disaffected teen! It has a cantankerous old man! It has an inattentive father! It has a smarter-than-everybody-else deputy! It also has werewolf attacks for about 3.2 microseconds of its runtime. Other than those 3.2 microseconds, it is unwatchable. I swear to god: If someone doesn't make an actual horror at some point, I'm going to lose my shit.

    28. Pedro Wedro


    29. Jason Lam

      Where’s Johnny Depp?!!?

    30. Clarke Fowler

      Looks like the same story line as Stephen King's (Silver Bullet)

    31. The Orphan

      I love this movie! Great acting, directing, production and story. Well done. Lol this movie rocks

    32. Rowell Mason

      I’m super cereal

    33. Jenna Beloved

      Great movie if I must say

    34. Sunny L

      Really creepy resolution,when i seen that dude ...scariest thing ever! Loved the movie

    35. Richard Weston

      A comedy with some Fargo and Silence of the Lambs sprinkled in. Good flick

    36. Exogen Design


    37. Mike Cassidy

      That copper is not at all hammy.. 🤔

    38. Thiago Dias

      It's a nice movie. The acting is decent, we have some good, scary scenes, and a nice ending It's a solid 7.5 for me, I recommend it.

    39. Drazell Official

      i come because of tiktok..

    40. R838

      The main actor sucks.

    41. Jay Bee

      I watched this awhile ago. It was a little hit and miss but overall pretty good.

    42. Karen Amirjanyan

      That hysterical policeman was so annoying so I stopped watching the movie!

    43. Warrior-of-Love 43

      Hears noises, closes door then run past the van to out run the wolf 👍

    44. Georgios N. Telas

      At least, this is a weird film with weird characters. Or maybe up there at Snow hollow town they put the weed in the water....

    45. Andrew Velonis

      This looks like fun. I always enjoyed the old classic monster movies as a teen, so I'm interested when they revive one. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but I like some of the hints we are getting in this one: the Sheriff is an alcoholic, it's modern-day, he's not beleiving what he's seeing because we know better nowadays. I like the line "When do I get to be right about something?"

    46. Kisstine 16

      Just got done watching it. The sheriff John was phenomenal! He cracked me up (it takes a lot for me to make me laugh!) Great acting and great movie 🙌🏻🙌🏻

    47. Matheus

      The werewolf thing about this movie is nice but for the rest, I don't get this movie at all. Super weird

    48. CAt From Outer Space

      its all a senseless REtarded joKe Holy FUK

    49. AnnaJuist

      This was fairly good. Better than I expected. Robert Forster has been in hundreds of movies & TV shows...Never disappoints. And with Riki Lindhome as the was even better. She has a comedic aura about her, which makes her likable. I think she is quite underrated. Saw her first in The Big Bang Theory...and became a instant fan. This was very entertaining...with a good twist at the end. The FX was not all that bad either.

    50. Lexo69

      Bruh this movie is giving you clues on who it is then suddenly it the tall guy without the clues leading up to him only after you see he is tall and collect skin he is confimed the guy with a tattoo and shit the clues led up to him it didn't make sense at all

    51. Jeff Matuszak

      U have a dogman looking creature, 8 foot tall, ripping into cars, clearly a werewolf, then it tirms our to be a guy in a costume? WTF?

    52. Chris Cunningham

      It's not very good

    53. Rene Estevez

      Dude I've just learned that my account that was cancelled 3 weeks ago by You Tube Censorship Committee only works on my smart phone ....... FREEDOM IS BACK!!!

    54. Rene Estevez

      dude, after 01/20/2021 ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

    55. eddieawesomeness

      WHATS THE SONG INNTHE TRAILER? Is it Emily Wells Pls help.

      1. Angel 't Hart

        Valen - Little Red Riding Hood ^^

    56. The Fanimator

      This is such a good movie! One of my all time favorites

    57. Matias Orellano Blaskovic

      worth the watch!!! saw last night, amazing movie!

    58. Majdi Eid

      it's a crap !

    59. Popcorn Riadó

      The Thumbnail made me think this is Twin Peaks season 4

    60. Movie Watch Daily

      This was definitely one of my favorite movies of 2020. High recommend for this one

      1. Movie Watch Daily

        @N N Click on my face and check out my chan. Horror and movie recommendations all day! I'm about to put out my monthly recommendations video this evening 😁

      2. N N

        Just watched it,great movie,thanks for recommendation

      3. Movie Watch Daily

        @David Santa Carla Hey, I talk about movies on a HUgets channel so I GOTTA be right!..right? Jk 🤣🤣🤣

      4. David Santa Carla

        Ok, now I’m giving it a watch. It’s on you if you’re wrong! 😉

    61. Rhino1931

      Great film, manages to balance all horror, comedy, and drama very well, also I enjoyed the climax and how the story was wrapped up; very against cliche.

    62. Chris Daniel

      I dislike the beginning of the movie where the guys are talking amongst each other and because he used the word f@ggöt he got all sentimental, that guy without realizing it doesn't understand that he was acting like one. When guys use the word f@ggöt it doesn't always mean homosexual.


      Will find out when I watch it.


      Looks good. I wonder who turned out to be the werewolf?

    65. Xavier P

      Thanks a lot. My brother has been scared of ware wolves for 3 months. I hate my life.

    66. Robert O

      This movie was so BAD

    67. Daniel Schein

      Flesh Wound Features Reviews Wolf Of Snow hollow

    68. A.Z. B.

      Directing is completely f*** up in this movie. Scenes are all over the place without proper transition, loaded with unrelated segments and bits that doesn't make any sense at all. This movie cannot decide what it wants to be horror or comedy in the end it fails to be either of them. They had the budget so they should have hire a decent director. I was truly looking forward to this one so I am really disappointed

    69. Ultimate Keyboard Warrior

      This movie is REALLY GOOD!!

    70. Al Foster

      Saw it and it was pretty pretty good!

    71. Kunaak

      This was one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time. The main character screams all of his lines, and if he's not drunk, he's screaming. The entire plot is abandoned half way through, there is nothing scary here - this is more a parody of a horror movie then anything. An absolute waste of time.... and I truly hate saying that, as I really wanted a great werewolf movie here - but this is literally anything but that.

    72. Herbie

      I didn't know Robert Forester died, until I read the comments. Sad.

      1. Ivan Gonzalez

        me neither :( at least it wasnt the 'rona.

    73. Web Surfer

      This movie was good as hell

    74. E. B. C.

      Why is the lead acting like he's in parks and recreation?

      1. Web Surfer

        It makes sense when you see the movie

    75. nada Gabri

      Love love the old guy. Rip dude

    76. Drop Kick Murphy00

      Supposed to be an amazing film

    77. antionette wardell

      Why is it the wolves always the bad guys?

    78. кош империя

      ЖЕНЩИНА В ЧЕРНОМ УЖАСЫ,муз ТРЕЙЛЕР 2020\ The Woman in Black=

    79. Mick Taylor

      Good movie

    80. Ruben B Ramirez

      I just bought this movie at Wal-Mart watched it about 10 minutes ago and 👍👍👍👍 thumbs up!!!! Great Movie .

    81. Haser Buen

      Saw it... did not like it. What's up with movies today? Does every movie have to contain negative, disrespectful messages against fathers? The monster is euphemism for fathers and fatherhood

    82. Shadow Fox

      This was definitely one of those “so bad” it’s good movies. Think “The Room”. One of those movies made to be made fun of.

    83. LV 246

      A Werewolf movie yahooooooooooooooowwwwwwwllllll.

    84. Bruh Man from the 5th flo'!

      This movie was really good! A absolute must watch.

    85. Sahajan Khan

      Bet the officer is the wolf and he has no idea.

    86. Sopish Tehran

      it all depends on special effects

    87. Meer Noor

      the lady of heaven

    88. Joel Spielman

      This was an exceptional movie! I know next to nothing about Jim Cummings but his writing, directing, and acting in this was such a breath of fresh air. THUMBS UP and Robert Forster deserves a posthumous best supporting actor nod for this too.

    89. Chris Corley

      Best "Cult Classic" B-movie of 2020. The Room (2003) has major competition.

      1. Qwerty Uiopa

        This is in no way comparable to The Room. Tommy didn’t intentionally make a B movie - he thought he was making a Tennessee Williams drama. That’s what makes The Room special

    90. P G

      Finally a god Werwolf movie since a long time

    91. Bohem

      Looks interesting but the music doesn't work with it.

    92. Alexander's Video Picks

      Looks awesome!

    93. Novocrine

      Oh hell nah. Definitely not gonna watch this.

    94. Mark Maggott

      I thought Robert Forster died!?

      1. Михаил


    95. Mark Maggott


    96. Wesley Skalaski

      Woman runs from wolf into the snow with open car right next to her..... Yeah, nope.

    97. The Rad Gamer

      Dont ever watch this movie! There is not even a single werewolf in the movie!

      1. The Rad Gamer

        @Jay Quinn the trailer and the title seems different than what you are saying. Its utterly disapointing when you are expecting something which the trailer and the title clearly showed what the movie is all about then all of a sudden it all turned into awkward humour and a really unnecessary twisting conclusion which no one wanted and expected.

      2. Jay Quinn

        It's not about werewolves it's about systemic racism and the rise of feminism.

    98. Lesley Russell

      thats copyed from silver buller of stephen king

    99. ROB MAT


    100. realpqleur

      But do werewolves need a Covid Vaccine?